Downtown Brooklyn Partnership
A multilingual, multimodal campaign
highlights the vibrant neighborhood
With a growing population and a constant influx of new eateries and shops, Downtown Brooklyn Partnership (DBP)—the local development corporation representing the area's businesses—needed a new campaign to champion all that it offers.
Using a vast network of Big Belly trash cans that spans the greater area, I designed a range of signs that remind local visitors, employees, and new residents to look around—or take a look at the Partnership's online directory of businesses. Produced in a wide variety of languages spoken in the city, a portion of the signs also feature helpful reminders to keep the streets clean.
Animated versions of the posters help amplify the campaign on DBP's social channels and serve as evergreen content that can be deployed for years to come. 
From German to Spanish to Yiddish, the simple signage is bold and direct—ensuring nothing is lost in translation.
Peppered throughout the neighborhood for years, the signs are hard to miss. And if you haven't seen them, dynamic versions will live online in perpetuity.
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