The Coffee Manual
A global database and community for the coffee-curious and experts alike
For many, coffee is more than just a beverage—it's a hobby, an addiction, or even an "experience." From Turkish coffee to cappuccino to yuenyeung, the regional variations are endless and it can be hard for anyone to find their drink of choice, let alone learn to make it. Where to start? The Coffee Manual. 
The Coffee Manual is a community-driven database and online marketplace of coffee and accessories from around the world. Featuring verified recipes from every corner of the world, a marketplace of handpicked beans and gear, and a powerful community of coffee lovers, the platform has become a driver of trends and e-commerce in the industry.
While a website sufficed, the Manual needed a mobile app to keep its wealth of knowledge at users' fingertips and make it simpler to make purchases and interact with other members. From the app UX to the website to an e-newsletter, I designed all elements of the brand to create a cohesive identity across the digital ecosystem. Together, they build on the brand's spirit of appreciating other cultures, trying new flavors, and making sure "fun" is always part of the process.
I created a simple interface across devices that makes it easy to find the newest updates, the best-selling merchandise, and the latest community content, all in one place. 
The mobile app features an omnipresent window into the Manual at the top, in which users can scroll through coffee recipes and quickly find inspiration. 
It's easy to explore recipes from around the world and save them to "favorites" in just a few taps. Other intuitive interactions, such as tapping and holding to add an item to cart, allow for an optimal user experience—no matter how many (or few) cups of coffee the user has had. 
The static navigation bar at the bottom allows for quick access to favorite recipes, a user's profile, the marketplace, and an AI-powered search function that makes suggestions based on recipe data and cart history.
I designed templates for marketing materials, such as an e-newsletter, to ensure all digital communications are on brand. The Monthly Memo features the latest recipes, thought leadership content, and insights into the Manual's growing global community—maintaining a high level of engagement with the platform's website and digital channels.
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