The Museum of Judeo-Celtic History
A fresh identity for a classic institution
This fictional museum aims to shine a light on the relationship between Scotland and the Jewish communities who have called it home. The goal was to merge elements of both rich cultures into one simple, but multifaceted identity—resulting in a brand that combines visual and verbal elements of both peoples. 
Central to the brand is the logo: a simple Celtic knot (aptly consisting of two hearts) intertwined with a Star of David in its center. Together, these two parts are a clear nod to a shared history and region. ​​​​​​​
It was pivotal to include variations of the full logo in three languages: English, Gaelic, and Hebrew. Used interchangeably across materials and regions, a multilingual identity is key to the museum's mission of illuminating an intersection of identities—and sparking curiosity in those who may not be aware of the contributions of this unique coupling of cultures.
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